CNH: Socio-Ecosystem Dynamics of Natural-Human Networks on Model Islands


My main research activity is related to an NSF grant entitled “CNH: Socio-Ecosystem Dynamics of Natural-Human Networks on Model Islands”. This is a collaborative project among UC Berkeley, Santa Fe Institute and the University of Arizona 

The research seeks to improve our understanding of coupled natural-human systems and push forward the frontiers of natural and social sciences, integrating them through a focus on model systems before and after a millennia of human occupation in French Polynesian islands. We will develop and test conceptual and quantitative theory that emphasizes feedbacks between humans and the complex ecological systems that support humans.

My role in the project is to collaborate with the expert in Human Demography of the group. Together we generate dynamic models that integrate the human populations and activities with the ecological systems of the islands. We address their interplay by coupling human and ecological networks; additionally, we collaborate directly with the empiricists of the group (anthropologists and ecologists) to validate these models against empirical data.

With this project, we are seeking to understand how and why humans succeed or fail to live sustainably within their environment.