7 abstracts by Valdovinos Lab accepted for ESA 2018, New Orleans!

The titles and authors are:

  1. “Mutualism in food webs: Persistent pollinators facilitate positive diversity-stability relationships” Sale-Hale, K.R., Valdovinos, F.S. and Martinez, N.D. Organized Oral Session.

  2. “Contrasting Topological and Quantitative Structures Drive Stability in Mutualistic Networks” Curtsdotter, A., Brosi B.J., Staniczenko, P.P.A. and Valdovinos, F.S. Organized Oral Session.

  3. “Impact of guild structure on the stability of ecological communities” Curtsdotter, A., Staniczenko, P.P.A. Valdovinos, F.S. and Brosi B.J.

  4. “Effects of Artisanal Fisheries on Food Webs: The Case of Chilean Intertidal and Subtidal Ecosystems” Avila, M. I., Corcoran, D., Marquet, P. A., Navarrete, S. A. and Valdovinos, F.S.

  5. “The effect of invasions on the structure, stability and evolution of food webs” Allhoff, K., Loeuille, N., Martinez, N.D. and Valdovinos, F.S.

  6. “Informing economic complexity with ecological complexity: Studying sustainable fisheries with complex food-web models” Glaum, P. R., Cocco, V. and Valdovinos, F.S.

  7. "Effects of species invasions on evolving food webs" Allhoff, K. T., Loeuille, N, Martinez, N. and Valdovinos, F.S.