Valdovinos Lab

We study the structure and dynamics of ecological networks at ecological and evolutionary scales; including their resilience to biodiversity loss, biological invasions, climate change, and exploitation by humans. 

Plant-Pollinator Networks
We analyze the interplay between the structure and dynamics of plant-pollinator systems, under different types of perturbations.
RAPID: Network re-wiring in RMBL
With Berry Brosi from Emory University we got awarded NSF-RAPID: Re-wiring of montane pollination networks under severe drought stress. This project will be conducted in the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab (RMBL)
MICDE Catalyst Grant
Together with Robert Dick from UM-EECS, we are analyzing embedded sensing and machine learning to distinguish pollinators (Bombus impatiens pictured) from other sound sources in natural environments.
Fisheries' Impacts on Food Webs
We use food-web theory to analyze impacts of biomass extraction of commercial species on whole communities
Ontogenetic diet shift in Food Webs
Body size determines key ecological and evolutionary processes of organisms. Therefore, organisms undergo extensive shifts in resources, competitors and predators as they grow in body size. We evaluate the impacts of those ontogenetic shift on the structure and dynamics of food webs
Evolving Food Webs
We evaluate the impacts of invasions on evolving food webs. In particular, we study the interplay between species invasions and local mutations that shapes community assembly.
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We just moved to the Dept. of Environmental Science & Policy, University of California - Davis.


Part of our lab still is at:

Dept. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

Ann Arbor, Michigan