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Impacts of Climate Change

Ecosystems across the world are facing major disturbance due to the changing climate. Developing a rigorous understanding of how climatic perturbations shift the dynamics of food webs is important for predicting the regional consequences of climate change and identifying where conservation efforts should be focused.

Key Papers

Ávila-Thieme, M.I., Corcoran, D., Pérez-Matus, A., Wieters, E. A., Navarrete, S.A., Marquet, P.A., Valdovinos, F.S. (2021) Alteration of coastal productivity and artisanal fisheries interact to affect a marine food-web. Scientific Reports, 11, 1765.


Kuparinen, A., Perälä, T., Martinez, N. D., & Valdovinos, F. S. (2018). Environmentally‐induced noise dampens and reddens with increasing trophic level in a complex food web, Oikos, 128, 608-620.

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