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Mutualism Theory

While theoretical progress on mutualisms has historically lagged behind antagonistic feeding interactions, we are working towards closing that gap by developing theory dedicated to the population dynamics of mutualistic interactions. Synthesizing our findings with other research on mutualistic relationships in the field will lay down a generalized framework for future research on these interactions. 

Key Papers

Hale, K.R.S., Maes, D.P., Valdovinos, F.S.  (in press) Dynamics of pollination and seed dispersal mutualisms at low density. The American Naturalist.

Hale, K.R.S., & Valdovinos, F.S.  (2021) Ecological theory of mutualism: Qualitative patterns in two-species population models. Ecology and Evolution.

Valdovinos, F.S & Marsland III, R. (2021) Niche theory for mutualism: A graphical approach to plant-pollinator network dynamics. The American Naturalist, 197, 393-404.

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