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Species Invasions

Invasive plants and pollinators frequently use mutualisms to establish and spread in new habitats. We evaluate what factors drive species invasion success and the consequences to the structure and dynamics of plant-pollinator networks. 

Key Papers

Valdovinos, F.S., Berlow, E.L., Moisset de Espanés, P., Ramos-Jiliberto, R., Vázquez, D.P., Martinez, N.D. (2018) Species traits and network structure predict the success and impacts of pollinator invasions. Nature Communications, 9, 2153.

Valdovinos, F.S., Ramos-Jiliberto, R., Flores, J.D., Espinoza, C., López, G. (2009b) Structure and dynamics of pollination networks: the role of alien plants. Oikos 118: 1190-1200.

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