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Workshop for the conservation of marine ecosystems, hosted in Chile!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Last week members from the Valdovinos lab including Fernanda Valdovinos, Kayla Hale, and Sophia Simon travelled to Chile to host a workshop on Interdisciplinary approaches for the sustainable development and conservation of marine ecosystems in Chile and California.

This workshop took place at The Estación Costera de Investigaciones Marinas (ECIM), located in Las Cruces, Chile, and it was a productive end of our Grant for Advancing Sustainable Development Goals and inspiring start for our recently awarded NSF - Biodiversity on a Changing Planet grant. It consisted of a series of research meetings among faculty and students involved in the project, and a mini-course for Chilean students to learn about the various approaches to the conservation of marine ecosystems using ecological network modeling. Topics included the dynamics of coastal waters from tides, upwelling, rivers, and waves, and the trophic and non-trophic species interactions comprising coastal ecosystems. If you are curious about all the topics covered, see the workshop schedule below:

Schedule Chile Workshop Jan 2023
Download PDF • 194KB


Photo of all workshop participants.

Going to the field were the data is collected!



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